Observing Juneteenth

Observing Juneteenth, a day of liberation recognized by the Black community in the United States. It marks the day 155 years ago when enslaved African-Americans across Texas learned they were free – months after the Civil War ended, and two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation. As an important turning point for our nation, June 19 is a day for us all to honor and celebrate as Americans.

Duvall Foundation for the Arts believes that Black Lives Matter and stands in support of Black families, friends, colleagues, and communities across the country.

We are taking opportunities to reflect, learn, and grow. The arts are meant to be a path to be able to bring emotions to the forefront so that we can all share and experience what makes us human. We have a responsibility to promote an environment for our artists, Board of Directors and community that does not tolerate racism, harassment, or discrimination.

We will hold ourselves accountable to do better and be better.

-Duvall Foundation for the Arts    

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