Duvall Cultural and Performing Arts Center Frequently Asked Questions

We heard that Duvall Foundation for the Arts has the property to build a new Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center, where is the property?
Duvall Foundation for the Arts acquired property for the Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center on December 10, 2019 as part of a tri-party agreement between the City of Duvall, Westcott Homes and the Duvall Foundation for the Arts.  The property is west of SR203, within the Duvall Village development, across from NE143rd Place.

There is construction equipment in the field down near the big white tent at the south end of Duvall. What is going on?
Construction for the grounds that will be surrounding the new Duvall Cultural & Performing Art Center is underway. The construction of the grounds for the Art Center is part of a larger construction project that includes development of new townhomes by Westcott Homes.

What will happen next on the site?
Soon you will see the construction of new townhomes which will be built by Westcott Homes. Site work also continues within the development.

What about the wetlands, the creek and the river, will they be protected?
There have been environmental studies done for this site and permits obtained for this construction. Environmental protections including erosion control will be in place. Sensitive areas will be flagged off and protected from construction activities. There is also a considerable amount of wetland enhancement planned. The permanent stormwater system includes rain gardens.

When will Duvall Foundation for the Arts be able to use the grounds?
The outdoor area where the Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center will be constructed will be open in the summer of 2020. The earth is disturbed from construction activities and wet from winter rains. Placement of topsoil, installation of an irrigation system, installation of power service and establishment of a lawn is expected to be complete in time complete in time for a ribbon cutting during the summer of 2020. The ribbon cutting is being coordinated with the City of Duvall and Westcott Homes and will be open to the public.

When will the new Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center be open?
Construction of the building will begin once DFA has raised the money needed to construct the building. It will take approximately 18 months to complete the construction once it starts.

How much is the new building going to cost?
For budgeting purposes, we believe the cost of the building will be about $10 million dollars. LMN architects have recently put together refined designs for the new building to better serve the community and the needs DFA anticipates for the Arts. LMN is providing a cost estimate for construction. DFA will estimate the remaining soft costs of the project and will add those to the estimated construction costs and then will share those numbers with the community.

Why is the barn covered with a steel and white canvas tent?
The tent structure is intended to keep the wood covered and allow it to dry so that it can be repurposed and used in the Duvall Cultural and Performing Arts Center. The idea is to use the architectural elements and the wood to the extent practical for non-structural purposes.

I don’t like the way the tent looks. Why is it white? When will it be gone?
The tent is temporary. Think of it as progress towards the goal of the new Duvall Cultural and Performing Arts Center. It is white in color to allow as much natural light in as possible.  This is important to the team so that they can make decisions regarding how to refinish and repurpose the wood and architectural elements. Ideally the wood and architectural elements will be kept dry until they can be used in the new building. Stay tuned.

Why is the white tent so close to the road?
The first floor of the barn is still standing. The tent was designed and will be constructed to fit over the barn in its current location.

What contractor disassembled the barn? What contractors put up the tent cover?
Cooks Structural Movers disassembled the barn and also placed the block foundation for the tent structure. Clearspan designed, manufactured, delivered and installed the steel and the canvas tent.

Why didn’t the DFA move the project move forward years ago?
The Duvall Foundation for the Arts doesn’t control the overall development. We are so happy that the current property developer is moving forward now. Our project is part of the overall site development.

Is the barn going to be saved?
The word saved is probably no longer the best way to describe what we are doing with the barn.  We disassembled the barn and are keeping architectural elements like doors, cupolas, side building, and part of the north face of the barn and also other wood from the barn.  The current plan is to use these materials as part of the new Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center.

Why was the barn taken apart?
The barn could no longer support itself.  It was starting to collapse.  DFA received input from a number of sources and decided the best path forward was to disassemble the barn in order to save as much of it as we could.

I heard that the wood is soft and will not hold nails?
Some of the wood is soft and can not carry structural loads. Large architectural elements that are reused will have to be structurally supported with other materials. For example, we may place some of the old walls inside the new building. The old walls will have to be supported, possibly by steel frames. Think large pieces of art work or art installations. We will be working with LMN architects, our structural engineers along with local artists and wood workers to refine the details of this plan and will be working together to make it happen. If you have interest in helping with this element of the work, please contact the project manager directly, Elizabeth Hill 425-647-7489.

Who was consulted before taking the barn apart?
Duvall Foundation for the Arts consulted with two volunteer project managers that are assisting with the barn project, King County Green Tools, a structural engineer that specializes in restoration of old buildings, several contractors, a report commissioned by the City of Duvall regarding the barns condition, the City of Duvall, the property owner and the community at barn team. Based on this input the decision was made to disassemble the barn.

Can I go into the barn or the tent now?
No, for safety reasons the barn site has been secured. We will be offering limited tours as the project progresses.

I heard there was lead containing paint on the wood, is that true?
Yes, the wood has been tested by an environmental consulting firm.  Some of the wood has no paint, some of the wood has yellow paint with lead content, and some of the wood has white paint with lead content.   We will continue to consult with the environmental consulting firm as we move through the project with regard to disposal of rotten wood, handling of wood, and considerations related to reinstallation of the wood in the new facility.

I want some of the barn wood and other materials from the barn.  Can I come take it?
The wood that is not rotten and other materials are being saved for use in the future Duvall Cultural and Performing Art Center for the whole community to enjoy so it is not available for individuals.

How did the Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center project get started?
In 1995 when the large property that the barn sits on was allowed to become part of the City of Duvall (annexed), the terms of that annexation included a requirement for part of that property to be set aside for use as a performing arts center and provided that the old barn could be moved to become part of the new art center. The Duvall Foundation for the Arts was formed in large part to raise money to support that vision.

Why wasn’t the barn saved 10 years ago?
DFA was working with the City of Duvall and the property Owner.   Duvall Foundation for the Arts did not own the parcel where the barn is located, did not have a place to move the barn, and did not have permission from the property owner to work on the barn beyond some limited stabilization.   Without a permanent home for the barn and ownership of the barn it was not possible or prudent for DFA to move forward with the project.

I heard the barn was from Sears and Roebuck and Co.  Is that true?
The barn was a “kit barn” popular in the early 20th century. Sears and Roebuck and Co. sold barns similar to this one. There were other vendors of barns like this as well.

Who owned the barn before it was sold and what did they use it for?
It was owned by the Thayer Family and was used for dairy cows.

Why didn’t Duvall Foundation for the Arts do a better job of letting the community know what was going on with the barn over the last 10 years?
This is a fair criticism of the DFA.  We should have been in better communication with the community.   When the former developer decided not to move forward with the project and then later the economy tanked, it seemed that the project may be dead.  There wasn’t anything going on and we should have done a better job of explaining why.

How much money was raised for the barn project 10 years ago and what happened to it?
The money was kept safe by DFA. The grants we have from 4Culture are reimbursement grants. DFA does use the money raised by the community to pay for project items that then are expensed to 4Culture for reimbursement so without that critical community support the project would not be moving forward.  We replenish the project fund with the reimbursements from grants so in this way we still have the $100,000 that was raised by the community. (updated 12.11.2019).

What will the new Duvall Cultural and Performing Art Center look like?
There are schematic designs for the new facility.  It will have a roof line similar to the existing barn and be yellow.  LMN Architects has refined the schematic designs with input DFA obtained from the community and in consideration of the current building codes.

Will the new Development have townhomes and is it approved?
Yes after extensive review by the City of Duvall it has been approved. There will be 99 new townhomes.

How will the new Duvall Cultural and Performing Art Center be used?
Use planning with extensive community input has been done for the new facility in the past and also was revisited throughout the summer of 2017. The focus of the facility will be for use for the arts. We also plan to have the building available for rental for weddings and other events.

Who will own and operate the Duvall Cultural and Performing Arts Center once it is constructed?
The Duvall Foundation for the Arts.

Has the Duvall Foundation for the Arts developed a business plan for the Duvall Cultural and Performing Arts Center?
In the past we have developed a business plan that is now going to be updated.   The business plan is tightly tied to use planning and design.  Some of the things that emerged from the business planning that was done in the past is that the new building will need to be able to be rented out for weddings, corporate retreats and other events so that the revenue from those events can support the operation of the facility.

I would like to make a donation to the Duvall Cultural and Performing Art Center.  How can I do that?  What will the money be used for??
Thank you!!  You can make a donation on our web site.

We are currently working on raising money to: 1) construct the new facility 2) to get the materials and architectural elements from the old barn ready for reuse, 3) to pay property taxes and other expenses related to owning property and 4) to provide overall support to the project.

Are you applying for grants to help with the cost of this project?
Yes, we have applied for and have received some grants and we plan to apply for more grants.  It is critical that we also get private donations since many of the grants require local match.

What else do you need and how can I help?
We also need people who are able and willing to help with processing the salvaged materials from the barn and getting those ready for installation.

From time to time we are holding fund raising events and parties.  We need more volunteers to help with those.  If there is anyone out there that has experience coordinating volunteers for these kinds of events, we would love it if you could join our team!!  If you can help us as a volunteer for these events we also need you.

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