Duvall Centennial

Open for Business


Year’s worth of functions planned for Duvall and city’s new Visitor and Centennial Center

DUVALL–They came, they saw, they remembered.

It was “Old Home Week” for Valley natives and long-time residents as they visited with old friends and admired historical photographs during the first two events held at the new Duvall Visitor and Centennial Center.

The first event was the Feb. 2 grand opening of the center where visitors could see the newly remodeled former library, check out local businesses and talk to historians.  The second function, just a couple of days later, was local author Allen Miller’s historical presentation and judging from the size of the crowd that attended it appeared many recent arrivals are just as interested as the older folks in the history of the place they now call home, especially in this, the city’s centennial year.

Because the building was the home of the town library for decades, it took some sprucing up to make the transformation. Numerous volunteers spent countless hours cleaning, painting and laying carpet.

Owned by the city for the centennial year to the Duvall Chamber and Duvall Foundation for the Arts, the building is meant to be not only a community gathering place but also an event rental space and community group headquarters.

Stop in during business hours to say hello, use wi-fi, relax, and learn about the historic City of Duvall and all that the city has to offer.

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