Community Art Center – Project Implementation

Duvall Foundation for the Arts (DFA) is going to deliver the Community Arts Center. We have a project team that has a successful track record of delivering complex projects.

The current goal of the project is to build a new building that harkens back to the Thayer barn yet meets current codes for public assembly and future community needs for a modern Art Center. The old Thayer Barn is the big yellow barn on the west side of 203 toward the south end of town. DFA, with the financial support of the community and 4Culture, had Cook Structural Movers take the barn apart because it was structurally failing and falling down.  Architectural elements of the barn and barn materials will be reused in the new Art Center to the extent practical.

The property for the new facility is being donated by Westcott Homes.

DFA has entered a development agreement with Westcott Homes and the City of Duvall.  The land use decisions for the project have been made by the City of Duvall and the Hearings Examiner including SEPA compliance, site plan approval/preliminary plat, and shoreline approval. The appeal periods for these critical land use decisions have passed and no appeals were filed.

DFA has signed a contract with Westcott Homes for them to build the site infrastructure including the entry road, the curbs, gutters, sidewalks, trails, sewer, water, stormwater and power. These critically important project elements have been designed by a team of consultants that were paid for by Westcott Homes. The designs for the infrastructure are currently under review by the City and DFA. The infrastructure described above, along with a parking lot is expected to be constructed in summer 2016.

The design of the exterior for the new building is complete and has been approved by the City of Duvall. The approved design was donated by Milbrandt Architects and was based on the Thayer Barn, other barns in the valley, current codes, future community needs, and input from the project team and members of the community.

Recently the team applied for a grant asking for money to pay for 1) the project infrastructure, 2) a cover that will last several years to protect the salvaged barn materials, 3) design services for the new facility, and 4) permitting costs for the new building. We won’t know until about January 2016 if we have been successful with that important grant application.

The next steps on the project include:

  • Continued fund raising for the project. (ongoing)


  • Finalization of the construction drawings for the site infrastructure (fall 2015 and winter 2016).


  • Weather protection for the salvaged barn materials. (Hopefully winter 2016 through completion of the new facility).


  • Design of the building interior to meet community needs and detailed cost estimating for the building (Early spring 2016 through 2017).


  • Groundbreaking for infrastructure (Spring 2016).


  • Construction of infrastructure (Summer 2016).


  • Beginning use of improved property for outdoor events (Summer 2017).


  • When the balance of the money is raised to construct the new facility, then the new building will be constructed on the improved site.


How can I get involved?

 Become a DFA member by signing up on our website. Membership is free and it helps us show community support.  DuvallArts.Org


Sign up on our website as a volunteer. Go to DuvallArts.Org, go to barn tab, sign up as a volunteer.


Drop in on our Saturday meetings at the Duvall Visitor Center between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. We are there most Saturdays.


How can I get more information?


Go to the DFA website at DuvallArts.Org, go to barn tab, and look for frequently asked questions.  Come to our events, come to the visitor center on a Saturday between 11am and 1 pm.

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