Community Art Center – Community Impact Statement

The City of Duvall has decided to focus on the Arts as one of its critical strategies for economic development. As part of the 2015 comprehensive plan update the City of Duvall hired an economic development consultant that identified the need for an iconic destination.  Duvall’s comprehensive plan currently envisions a destination community with an improved main street, Snoqualmie Trail, Snoqualmie River, and river front parks. This Community Arts Center will tie Main Street to the Trail and River at the south end of town which will extend the pedestrian connections between the River, Trail and Town.

Arts and events at this facility are needed and wanted by all ages, new and long-time residents, bedroom community dwellers, farmers, loggers, students, and children; in short our whole community with all of its diversity. We will all be enjoying each other’s company through Art and Arts education.

DFA has held design meetings to gather community and user input to go directly into programming and design of the facility. The multi-room, multi-floor facility will provide space for galleries, indoor flexible performance hall, meeting rooms, gathering space, event space and class rooms, a total of approximately 10,000sqf. We will be holding more design input meetings so please look for those and try to join in.

The community will immediately realize benefit of this project including parking lot, graded and grassy property, and trails that will be constructed in the summer of 2016. We will be able to use the improved site for additional outdoor music and theater as early as summer of 2017. The Community Arts Center will be built at the site, but even before that happens, we will own and be able to use the grounds starting in summer of 2017.

The new facility will be managed by one and one-half full time staff people and many volunteers. The viability of this approach is demonstrated by the current 3 year operation of Duvall Visitor Center which is largely staffed by volunteers from this wonderful community.

Together we can do this for ourselves and for each other.

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