Barn Update, December 17, 2014


Duvall Foundation for the Arts is disassembling the Thayer Barn along Highway 203 in order to recover architectural elements (like doors, windows, and cupolas) and wood that will be reused in the new Yellow Barn. The Yellow Barn will be a community art center. Work on the barn today was a great success. The cupolas were removed with no damage. The roofing is removed from the southern end of the barn. The skip sheathing was so rotten that it came off with the roofing material. A few trusses were removed. You will see in the next few days additional roofing and trusses coming down. The goal is to save the trusses and the wood framing that you can see in the pictures to the extent practical.

Several people have asked if they can have the wood we are salvaging from the barn. The Duvall Foundation for the Arts is recovering the wood from the barn to be used in the new Yellow Barn to be enjoyed by the community. We are not expecting to have excess wood because the new facility will be three stories and this barn is only two stories. We understand that people value the old wood, and we are excited that folks want to be engaged with the project.

Come join us at the visitor’s center this coming Saturday on Main Street at 11:00am if you are interested in the project, want more information, have ideas or can lend a hand. If you have thoughts on how the new Yellow Barn can be used please join us on Saturday January 10, 2015 at the visitors center for a special meeting on that topic. Come join the discussion.

Please check out our website to find out more about the barn.

Photos courtesy of Adam Schwinn of Adam’s Auto Angel.

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