Weekly Barn Update, December 14, 2014

Sorry for the delay in getting this update out to the community!

Cook Structural Movers have begun to disassemble the barn as planned.  Last week the south face of the barn sustained additional damage and has been taken down.  This week there will be considerable change to the appearance of the barn. Check here for updates.

We are getting ready to meet with folks on January 10, 2015, at 11am at the Duvall Visitor and Centennial Center to gather input on how the new yellow barn will be used.  This input is critical to the design of the new barn.  The new barn will have to meet current code for public assembly so we have some design constraints in order to meet modern codes.   Please join us if at all possible.  The exterior design is pretty well set.  These discussions are critical and will drive the interior design.  This is your chance to help with the planning of the yellow barn.  We are looking forward to the conversation!!!

This week we received the results from the environmental firm that tested the painted wood on the barn for lead content.  Both the yellow paint and the white paint have some lead content.  The wood that is truly rotten and therefore can not be reused will go to a landfill.  The wood we are keeping will be stored and the knowledge we have of the lead content will be used to develop safe work practices regarding the handling of the wood.  Also the environmental firm and King County Green Tools will be advising us on how to address the paint with lead content when we reuse the wood in the new barn.

Upcoming meetings:

  • Saturday, December 20, 11:00am Visitor Center Rose Room (downstairs)
  • Saturday, December 27, no meeting
  • Saturday, January 3, 2015, 11:00am Visitor Center
  • Saturday, January 10, 2015, 11:00am Use Planning Meeting Visitor Center
  • Ongoing meetings Saturday 11:00am Visitor Center in 2015
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