Weekly Barn Update November 15, 2014

This week has been productive for the Barn Team. We are continuing to discuss project coordination with Westcott Homes.  Duvall Foundation for the Arts had an art opening for Spencer Epps and Vicki Perry on November 15, 2014.  Elizabeth Hill also had a few paintings to add to the show.  The artists are donating part of each sale to the Big Yellow Barn. Works will be in the Duvall Visitor Centennial Center until the end of December just in time for holiday shopping! The art opening was a success with folks dropping in, plenty of food, music and good conversation.

Seattle Sound Composer Susie Kozawa visited the barn with Sansan from an arts foundation in Boston, Massachusetts. Susie is one of the people advising on the acoustics of the barn. She is pondering a blessing ceremony for the barn. Thanks Susie for always keeping Duvall’s barn in your heart and ears!!! Sansan has been a consultant on art projects to many art based foundations around the world. She is supporting the project and believes that Duvall is creating an impressive legacy with the network of saved old buildings, trails, parks and arts.  Thanks Sansan, we really appreciate your interest in our town and our project!!!

Duvall Tavern’s, Scott Lennon, provided some advice when the barn team met at his place for breakfast.  Scott and his wife Cielita have done a fabulous job with the old tavern.  It is wonderful place to get together.  Thanks Scott for your ideas and positive energy!!

We need an deeply appreciate the support of our local businesses.

We still need additional help on the following committees:

Communication Committee – Chair of this Committee is Deanna Hobbs – Need Volunteers Now!

Events Committee – Need Volunteers Now!

Capital Campaign Committee – Need Volunteers Now!

Please join us if you can by either coming to one of our Saturday meetings, signing up on our Big Yellow Barn Volunteer Page, or by sending an email to Elizabeth@duvallarts.org.




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