Weekly Barn Update, October 21, 2014

You may have noticed some activity around the barn late last week! The brush that was previously cut from around the barn was collected by a track hoe. Under a grading permit from the City, gravel was placed around the barn to create a dry working surface during the wet weather.

At the Barn Committee meeting on Saturday October 18, the orientation of the new facility was confirmed. Design elements of the outside of the facility were discussed and the permit process was described. We are waiting on an evaluation by the structural engineer before more work is done on barn.

The upcoming barn dance was also discussed.  The event promises to be very fun, with line dance lessons, a raffle, live music and more!  Final preparations are under way.  Click here for more info, or here to buy your tickets!!

We are continuing to plan our event to try to break the world record for number of cowbells played simultaneously! Volunteers needed! Contact the DFA if you’re interested in helping out!

We discussed personality types and how they impact team dynamics.

The team decided to refine the vision statement for the barn, develop a mission statement for the barn, and develop a written strategic plan for the barn – in that order.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday October 25, at 10am to 12pm at the Duvall Visitor and Centennial Center.  Expect to talk about what will then be last night’s fun at the Hoedown, vision statement, mission statement, updates on structural engineering, issues around cost estimates, and the upcoming cowbell event.

The City of Duvall has posted “Keep Out” notices on the barn to protect public safety. Only permitted activities will be allowed at the barn. DFA agrees and fully supports this action.

See y’all on Friday night!!

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