Weekly Barn Update October 27, 2014

The Hoedown for the Barn was a success! Good friends came together and new friendships were made. The fire, the horses, the line dancers, the chili, the wine, the venue, the music—everything was wonderful.  We want to again thank our partners Cascade Community Theatre and Duvall Performing Arts for joining with us in this event.   Also we want to thank the following businesses that contributed to the event:

  • Stephanie Combs Photography
  • Willows Lodge
  • Papa Murphy’s
  • Sway Design
  • Duvall Hardware
  • Bird Brainz
  • Duvall Tavern
  • Cascade Community Theatre
  • Duvall Pharmacy
  • Duvall Flowers and Gifts
  • Quiznos
  • Ixtapa
  • Thai Duvall
  • Best Buddy Dog Wash
  • Red Pepper Pizza
  • Rocking “E” Feeds
  • Red Swirl Yogurt
  • Duvall Coffee House
  • Triple Horn Brewing
  • Special thanks to Christel Haven Equestrian Center for the beautiful location for our barn dance.

The music by Sweet Iron was outstanding and perfect for the Hoedown. The line dancers from Duvall Performing Arts were very skilled, entertaining and helpful. Thank you to all who came and all who helped make this event possible.  About 60 people attended and the event generated over $2,000! Most importantly everyone had a great time and we are getting a great group of people focused and working together again for the creation of a wonderful community space.

At the Saturday (October 25) meeting the Vision Statement for the Barn was updated and a Statement for Development of the Barn was created. Here they are:

 Vision for the Barn:

Develop a sustainable center for the advancement of the arts. The center will serve as a community gathering place for all age groups and cultivate the ongoing development of the artistic center of our community, and provide a place for public entertainment, cultural events, and other community activities.  The barn will be a living link to our history and agriculture. It will also serve as an economic and cultural stimulant for Duvall and the Snoqualmie Valley.

Statement for Development of the Barn:

The Duvall Foundation for the Arts will partner with Westcott Homes, the City of Duvall, and other key stakeholders to develop the center. Some of the design criteria are creation of a rural feeling around the barn, open loft space with wood acoustics inside the barn, and use of existing materials to the extent practical. Space design considerations are for the art events and performance activities as well as for other community events that are envisioned.  In addition, design elements will support revenue-generating events.  During development of the barn, safety, cost, code compliance, and schedule will also be drivers.

Work continues on our upcoming Cowbell Event.

A future Hoedown for the Barn is in the works.

The GoFundMe Page is active and has almost $500 donated to date!

Next Saturday we will be working on a Strategic Plan for the barn. We continue to encourage public input and participation. The Saturday meetings are held at the Duvall Visitor and Centennial Center from 11am until 2pm.

Thanks to all for your continued interest in and support of the barn.


Weekly Barn Update, October 21, 2014

You may have noticed some activity around the barn late last week! The brush that was previously cut from around the barn was collected by a track hoe. Under a grading permit from the City, gravel was placed around the barn to create a dry working surface during the wet weather.

At the Barn Committee meeting on Saturday October 18, the orientation of the new facility was confirmed. Design elements of the outside of the facility were discussed and the permit process was described. We are waiting on an evaluation by the structural engineer before more work is done on barn.

The upcoming barn dance was also discussed.  The event promises to be very fun, with line dance lessons, a raffle, live music and more!  Final preparations are under way.  Click here for more info, or here to buy your tickets!!

We are continuing to plan our event to try to break the world record for number of cowbells played simultaneously! Volunteers needed! Contact the DFA if you’re interested in helping out!

We discussed personality types and how they impact team dynamics.

The team decided to refine the vision statement for the barn, develop a mission statement for the barn, and develop a written strategic plan for the barn – in that order.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday October 25, at 10am to 12pm at the Duvall Visitor and Centennial Center.  Expect to talk about what will then be last night’s fun at the Hoedown, vision statement, mission statement, updates on structural engineering, issues around cost estimates, and the upcoming cowbell event.

The City of Duvall has posted “Keep Out” notices on the barn to protect public safety. Only permitted activities will be allowed at the barn. DFA agrees and fully supports this action.

See y’all on Friday night!!

Weekly Barn Update, October 14, 2014

This was a another productive week for the Barn project.  Thank you to those of you who came to our meeting at the Duvall Visitors and Centennial Center on Saturday!  Wow what a great group of people!!!  So many talented folks pulling in the same direction! The energy was fantastic! Can’t wait to continue with this momentum!

We feel that the meeting on Saturday was very successful. One of the best things about it was that it was attended by people of all ages.  There were many good ideas and commitments made by volunteers. Overall there was a spirit of teamwork.  To pull this project together and really make it happen we need all of you, your positive energy, your ideas, and your strengths!  Thank you all! We are so excited to be working with so many members of our wonderful community and can’t wait to continue to strengthen our team.

At the meeting Lin McBride talked about the history of the DFA and the Barn project. We talked about the current Memorandum of Understanding among the City, the DFA, and Westcott Homes, which was approved last week. We discussed the barn itself and its current condition including the collapse of the south face of the barn.  The exterior design for the barn was presented and discussed. The future location of the barn was also shown and discussed. The need to submit the site plan information to the City next week was also talked about. The City Planning Manager, Lara Thomas, was even present to answer questions!

The group talked about what was the most important part of the barn to save. The consensus was that the loft space was the most important thing to the group.  The contractor was at the meeting to discuss the possible methods of stabilizing the barn. The group decided to move ahead with emergency stabilization while additional information is gathered. Connie Zimmerman was tasked to work with the contractor to develop a scope of work and get the contractor under contract to begin the stabilization. The practical challenges of using a dairy barn which was built so many years ago for an occupancy for public assembly were discussed. Strategies to address the project challenges were explored.  The contractor, the DFA, and the project architect agreed on a structural engineering firm and Connie Zimmerman was tasked to contact the structural engineer.  It was acknowledged that there is a lot of work to do, and some of the work items and products were listed, and the fact that they all need done quickly was discussed. Angie noted that the mission statement for the barn should be on the DFA web site. The group agreed. Elizabeth took that as an action item. Kristin Connors suggested that we hold a rally for families that would focus on children and cow bells. It was decided by the group that the cowbell event would occur after the barn dance and the planning for both events would have to be done now.  We decided to meet again next Saturday from 11am to 2pm.  Please join if you can.

Bill Connors is drafting a project communications plan.  Thank you Bill!

Final plans for the Barn Dance are coming together! Tickets are onsale at Brown Paper Tickets! Admission includes a chili dinner and beverages (wine and beer for the over 21 crowd)! At 7pm dancers from Duvall Performing Arts will lead line dancing lessons, and at 8 Cool Water will perform live! We hope you can make it out for this fun, family event!

We are currently planning our Cowbell Rally. Our hope is to break the Guinness record for most cowbells played simultaneously!! Keep your eyes on our Facebook Page for more information!


Duvall City Council Passes MOU

Great news!  The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) passed at City Council.  This agreement sets forth the way that the City, the Duvall Foundation for the Arts, and Westcott Homes will work together to achieve the barn project.  This is a huge step, a major milestone, and something that all supporters of the barn project should celebrate.

Emergency Barn Update

Late Tuesday night the barn moved enough to be visibly shifting on the south wall.  Wednesday morning DFA started getting reports and pictures of the south wall which was buckled.  These quick reports were coming to us with pictures by way of social media.  Thank you to everyone who is keeping an eye on the barn!

We immediately called the contractor that has been consulting with us, regarding possible next steps.  Two jacks were placed inside the barn.  In addition DFA met with City Planners and City Engineers and fenced the driveway.  We met with the architect and reviewed the current options.  We have also met with other contractors to get additional options and we coordinated with the architect on selection of a structural engineer.  We are preparing to meet with all those that love the barn, care about the arts, and want a community performing arts center. There is just too much to be able to share it all here.  Please come to the Community Open House if at all possible.  We are going to be making some major decisions and we need your input.