Big Yellow Barn (formerly the Thayer Barn) Recent History and Updates


  • In the middle of 2013, rumors started about Newhall-Jones possibly selling the Thayer Barn land to a new developer, Westcott Homes.
  • Duvall Foundation of the Arts (DFA) started talking with the city about how this could revitalize the project. At the same time Kristin and Bill Connors became interested in saving the barn as an historic building, and created much public awareness.
  • The City of Duvall, Westcott Homes, DFA, and the Connors all had various meetings, trying to figure out the best next steps for saving the barn.

2014 – January, February

  • In January 2014, Westcott Homes officially purchased the land, which included the Thayer Barn.
  • In January, both DFA and the Connors met with Westcott Homes.
  • Kristin Connors nominated the Thayer Barn to the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation for its 2014 Most Endangered Properties list, and to the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Most Endangered Structures list.

2014 – March, April

  • Both DFA and the Connors spoke at the Duvall City Council’s Council of the Whole (COW) regarding plans for saving the barn.
  • After meeting with the developer, barn moving company, and barn restoration company, Lin McBride, President of DFA, presented a project outline to the Duvall City Council.
  • Westcott Homes invited all interested parties to meet at their office in Kirkland – in attendance were representatives of the City of Duvall, DFA, the Connors and one independent contractor.
  • The Connors and DFA met with Chris Moore, Executive Director of the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, to discuss how to move forward with Westcott Homes for saving the Barn.

2014 – May

  • Lin McBride attended the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation annual meeting/conference in Wenatchee, WA, where the Trust unveiled their 2014 list of Endangered Properties. Duvall’s Thayer Barn was one of five properties on that list. All five properties were highlighted in a video presentation that told the history and circumstances of each property ( The video of the Thayer Barn included interviews with both Kristin Connors and Lin McBride.
  • DFA presented a proposal to Westcott Homes, outlining steps to preserve the Barn in place during the summer/fall of 2014 and 2015, and to move the barn to its permanent location within the Westcott development by 2016.
  • DFA presented a financial plan to Westcott Homes and is currently pursuing funding opportunities.

2014 – Summer

  • The DFA has been working to stabilize the barn with the help of our tireless volunteers.

2014 – September

  • On September 25, the Duvall City Council will vote whether or not to approve a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the city, the DFA, and Westcott Homes. Once the MOU is approved, the DFA will have more information for the community.


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