Exciting News!

DFA has exciting news to report: We are in the process of working with the current property owner, Westcott Homes, to obtain a space for the barn’s permanent home! This has been the vision for over a decade and it is finally coming into place. DFA has developed a good working relationship with Westcott, and we’re very optimistic about moving forward.

We ask for your patience as DFA works through details about the barn’s permanent home with Westcott. We will be providing updates here on our website and our Facebook page as information becomes available. Right now our team is working hard to finalize the details and we look forward to sharing that information as the details get nailed down. Currently, the fine details are a work in progress.

In parallel, DFA is starting to prepare the barn for its new future. Volunteers are being asked to help with upcoming cleaning at the barn to make room for the next steps that are needed to help the barn make it through the coming winter.

To join our barn volunteer group, please send an e-mail to barn@duvallarts.org or fill out our Barn Volunteer Form.

This is an exciting time for the barn project. Thanks to the barn’s many long time supporters and new supporters, the barn has a chance at a new life!!!

Donate to the Stabilization of the Thayer Barn

Thayer Barn, located on Main Street toward the South end of town, is part of a housing development scheduled to begin in 2016. The barn was built in the 1930’s and has suffered from age and weather. It was recently designated one of the five “Most Endangered Properties 2014 – Washington State” by the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation. Video of Thayer Barn

Time is the biggest threat, and so before the rains come this fall, DFA plans to clean up the site, inside and out, and stabilize this wonderful treasure. After the brush is cleared, the perimeter will be graded and graveled, for safety and machinery. The upper story will be stabilized with a collar of 2x4s attached to the outside and steel cables inside. The upper story floor will be reinforced with steel beams under and plywood sheets covering the surface. The clean-up portion will be done with community volunteers, and is being proposed as a Rotary Club of Duvall service project. In the following years additional phases will address first the exterior and then interior renovation to the goal of our own Community Art Center. 

You can help! Visit our GoFundMe page today! http://www.gofundme.com/ThayerBarn