Duvall Cultural and Performing Arts Center Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the barn being taken apart?

The barn can no longer support itself.  It was starting to collapse.  Duvall Foundation from the Arts received input from a number of sources and decided the best path forward was to disassemble the barn in order to save as much of it as we can.

Is the barn going to be saved?

The word saved is probably no longer the best way to describe what we are doing with the barn.  We are disassembling the barn and keeping architectural elements like doors, cupolas, side building, sections of the loft, etc. and materials like the curved trusses, interior wood, and part of the north face of the barn.  These materials will be used in the new Yellow Barn which will be a community art center.

Will the whole barn be taken down?

The whole top loft of the barn will be taken down.  The ground floor will be partly taken down and partly remaining to store some of the architectural elements and materials that are being recovered from the barn.

Who was consulted before taking the barn apart?

Duvall Foundation for the Arts consulted with two volunteer project managers that are assisting with the barn project, King County Green Tools, a structural engineer that specializes in restoration of old buildings, several contractors, a report commissioned by the City of Duvall regarding the barns condition, the City of Duvall, the property owner and the community at barn team meetings which occur every Saturday at 11:00 am at the visitors center in Duvall.   Based on this input the decision was made to disassemble the barn.

Can I go into the barn now?

No, for safety reasons the barn site has been secured.

 I heard there was lead containing paint on the wood, is that true?

Yes, the wood has been tested by an environmental consulting firm.  Some of the wood has no paint, some of the wood has yellow paint with lead content, and some of the wood has white paint with lead content.   We will continue to consult with the environmental consulting firm as we move through the project with regard to disposal of rotten wood, handling of wood, and considerations related to reinstallation of the wood in the new facility.

I want some of the barn wood and other materials from the barn.  Can I come take it?

The wood that is not rotten and other materials are being saved for use in the future Yellow Barn for the whole community to enjoy so it is not available for individuals.

Who is doing the work to disassemble the barn?

The Cook Structural Movers.

I am angry that the barn is being taken apart.   Why wasn’t the barn saved 10 years ago?

Duvall Foundation for the Arts was working with the City of Duvall and the property Owner.   Duvall Foundation for the Arts did not own the parcel where the barn is located, did not have a place to move the barn, and did not have permission from the property owner to work on the barn beyond some limited stabilization.   Without a permanent home for the barn and ownership of the barn it was not possible or prudent for Duvall Foundation for the Arts to move forward with the project.

I heard the barn was from Sears and Roebuck and Co.  Is that true?

Yes it is true. It was a “kit barn” popular in the early 20th century.

Who owned the barn before it was sold and what did they use it for?

It was owned by the Thayer Family and was used for dairy cows.

What was done to stabilize the barn?

Cables were placed inside the barn to hold the barn together.  A tarp was placed over the roof.  More recently building jacks were placed inside the barn.

Why didn’t Duvall Foundation for the Arts do a better job of letting the community know what was going on with the barn over the last 10 years?

This is a fair criticism of the Duvall Foundation for the Arts.  We should have been in better communication with the community.   When the former developer decided not to move forward with the project and then later the economy tanked, it seemed that the project may be dead.  There wasn’t anything going on and we should have done a better job of explaining why.

How much money was raised for the barn project 10 years ago and what happened to it?

The money was saved by Duvall Foundation for the Arts and is now being used to further the project by disassembling the barn, taking care of the architectural elements and materials and moving forward with design of the new community art center.

What will the new Yellow Barn look like?

We have designs for the new Yellow Barn.  It will have a roof line similar to the existing barn and will have an elevator what will look similar to a silo.  The current designs are available here.

 I have ideas about how the barn can be used.  How do I get my voice heard?

Use planning has been done on for the Yellow Barn in the past.  It is time to update those plans.  If you have ideas about how the barn will be used in the future, please come to the visitor’s center on January 10, 2015 at 11:00am.  We will be working on updating the use plans for the Yellow Barn and this will drive design.   We would really appreciate your thoughts and ideas.  Currently we are planning to have the design accommodate performances, art shows, dances, parties, meetings, weddings, and other community events.  The more we can understand about the needs of future users of the barn, the better the barn design will be crafted to meet those needs.  Please come if you can.

Who will own and operate the Yellow Barn once it is constructed?

The Duvall Foundation for the Arts.

Has the Duvall Foundation for the Arts developed a business plan for the Yellow Barn?

In the past we have developed a business plan that is now going to be updated.   Of course the business plan is tightly tied to use planning and design.  Some of the things that emerged from the business planning that was done in the past is that the Yellow Barn will need to be able to be rented out for weddings, corporate retreats and other events so that the revenue from those events can support the operation of the barn.

I would like to make a donation to the barn.  How can I do that?  What will the money be used for??

Thank you!!  To make a donation, please visit our GoFundMe page! Now we are most focused on working through the design of the Yellow Barn and getting the drawings done to the level that will be needed to pull a building permit.  There are other permits and fees that we will have to pay before we can move forward with construction of the Yellow Barn.  Also we will be starting to get the materials and architectural elements from the old barn ready for reinstallation in the new Yellow Barn.

Are you applying for grants to help with the cost of disassembling the barn and building a new barn?

Yes we have applied for some grants and we plan to apply for more grants.  It is critical that we also get private donations since many of the grants require local match.

What else do you need and how can I help?

Right now we are in desperate need of someone with administrative skills who would be willing to attend our meetings on Saturdays at 11am in the Duvall Visitor and Centennial Center and provide administrative support like organizing our archives, distributing materials, preparing contact lists, sending emails, taking meeting notes, that sort of thing.

We also need people who are able and willing to sign up to help with processing the salvaged materials from the barn and getting those ready for installation.  We don’t plan to start that work right away but we are looking for people who would be willing to help with that in the future.

From time to time we are holding fund raising events and parties.  We need more volunteers to help with those.  If there is anyone out there that has experience coordinating volunteers for these kinds of events, we would love it if you could join our team!!  If you can help us as a volunteer for these events we also need you.

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