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Duvall Foundation for the Arts is a 501c3 organization.

March 2017 – UPDATE on the Art & Event Center Project

The City has conditionally approved the Site Development Construction Drawings. Another step in the process. Additional details soon!

October 2016 – UPDATE on the Art & Event Center Project

The Art Center project is being done in steps and much of the work that is going on is not yet visible. This update describes the status of the project and explains how it relates to the SR203 road frontage improvements and the development planned by Westcott Homes. The major activities are listed in chronological order along with notes on who is performing the major elements.

1) Agreements have been completed to allow DFA, Westcott Homes and the City to move forward with a complex set of projects. Agreements address development of the parcel that includes the Thayer Barn, major improvements to SR203 and results in a transfer of an improved parcel to the DFA for the home of the future Art Center.

2)The Thayer barn has been disassembled in order to be able to reuse of barn wood and key architectural elements. DFA had Cook Structural Movers complete this work.

3)Utilities are being moved and stubbed out in preparation for SR203 road frontage improvements. This work is currently underway and is being done by the private utility companies and the City of Duvall.

4)SR203 road improvements is underway. This work is being done by Interwest, a contractor hired by the City of Duvall.  For more information regarding the road project and the utility relocates, see the Mayor of Duvall’s report, Public Works Section at Duvall Road Project.

5) Large cover to go over the disassembled barn to protect the barn wood has been ordered. Currently DFA is working with the vendor on the design of the ecology block anchor system which will hold down the cover in the wind and hold up the interior trusses. The cover is being manufactured and will be installed this winter.

6) Design of site improvements are underway including underground utilities, access road, parking, trail, lawn, gas, power, irrigation, sewer, water, and storm water. These designs are included on construction drawings that Westcott Homes has submitted to the City. The City has reviewed the construction drawings and has provided review comments. Westcott Homes and their consultants revise the drawings based on the City comments. This is a normal part of getting to approved set of construction drawings. There are still some details that are being resolved on the third revision. These drawings are very detailed and get down to very specific information for the outdoor areas including for example where individual lawn sprinkler heads will be located. To indicate the level of complexity of these drawings we are providing an example of the raingarden planting plan that will treat stormwater. The raingarden will be owned and managed by DFA and will have a gravel trail and native plants. See the attached picture that shows the conceptual planting plan in color and then the landscape architectural plans that are based on the concept plan. Each detail of the project has to be thought through, designed and then conveyed in a set of construction drawings. This raingarden example is only one item on one sheet. The overall Westcott project, including the improved parcel for the Art Center, has 99 design sheets within the plan set.

The devil is always in the details and there are many on this project. 

7) Developer to install the site improvements after construction drawings are improved and likely when spring 2017 arrives and weather improves for earthwork.

8) Developer transfers improved property to DFA for the future home of the Art Center. Hopefully in January 2018. 

9) Grounds of the Art Center planned to be available for use by the community in Summer 2018.

9) DFA continues to raise money for the design and construction of the new building.

10) DFA, with input from the community, continues to work with an architectural team to design the new building.

11) DFA’s contractor builds the new building.

12) Open the new indoor facility for enjoyment by the community.


Raingarden example: From concept to construction drawings. The raingarden will treat stormwater and has a gravel trail and native plants.


Designing and constructing the outdoor site improvements for the Art Center is part of a larger project that is being delivered by Westcott Homes. These are the construction drawings for Westcott Homes development. There are 99 sheets, each with many details.

Vision for the Community Arts Center:

Develop a sustainable center for the advancement of the arts. The center will serve as a community gathering place for all age groups and cultivate the ongoing development of the artistic center of our community, and provide a place for public entertainment, cultural events, and other community activities.  The barn will be a living link to our history and agriculture. It will also serve as an economic and cultural stimulant for Duvall and the Snoqualmie Valley.

Statement for Development of the Community Arts Center:

The Duvall Foundation for the Arts will partner with Westcott Homes, the City of Duvall, and other key stakeholders to develop the center. Some of the design criteria are creation of a rural feeling around the barn, open loft space with wood acoustics inside the barn, and use of existing materials to the extent practical. Space design considerations are for the art events and performance activities as well as for other community events that are envisioned.  In addition, design elements will support revenue-generating events.  During development of the barn, safety, cost, code compliance, and schedule will also be drivers.

To join our Community Arts Center volunteer group, please send an e-mail or fill out our Barn Volunteer Form.

This is an exciting time for the barn project. Thanks to the barn’s many long time supporters and new supporters, the barn has a chance at a new life!!!

We will be posting progress reports on this page as the project moves along. Please stay tuned!

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