Weekly Barn Update, November 23, 2014

Another busy week for the Big Yellow Barn Project.  We continue to plan for the disassembly of the Thayer Barn so that we can recover as many architectural pieces and original materials as practical.  Expect to see work disassembling the barn this winter.

We continue to coordinate with Westcott Homes on details of the planned work on the Big Yellow Barn.

Do you have ideas on how you or organizations you are involved with would like to use the Big Yellow Barn when it opens??  Please join us on January 10, 2015 at 11am at the Duvall Visitor Centennial Center on Main Street in Duvall for a Use Planning Session.  We would love to hear your ideas!

Please join us if you can by either coming to one of our Saturday meetings, signing up on our Big Yellow Barn Volunteer Page, or by sending an email to Elizabeth@duvallarts.org.

Next Saturday’s meeting is going to be at 11:00 am at the Duvall Visitor Centennial Center.  See you then!

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