Weekly Barn Update November 8, 2014

This week on the barn we focused on branding the barn and organizing our committees.

We decided to call the new community arts center: “Big Yellow Barn Snoqualmie Valley Community Art Center“.

It was also decided we would split the work into the following Committees:

  • Communications Committee – will work on all types of communication regarding the project
  • Events Committee – will plan and implement all events in the next two years regarding the project
  • Capital Campaign Committee – will plan and implement the capital campaign
  • Design and Construction Committee – will work with the architect, structural engineer and contractor(s)
  • Use Planning Committee – will develop information on future uses of the barn
  • Operating and Business Plan Committee – will develop an updated operating and business plan
  • Recovery Team Committee – will process and organize materials recovered from the barn for use in the new facility.

Right now, because of where we are on the project we need additional help on the following committees:

Communication Committee – Chair of this Committee is Deanna Hobbs – Need Volunteers Now!

Events Committee – Need Volunteers Now!

Capital Campaign Committee – Need Volunteers Now!

We also discussed the process for disassembly of the barn and the need to store the materials that are recovered from the barn for a period of time until they can be incorporated into the new facility.

We are talking about the need for an event plan so that we can get venues booked in advance and get volunteers organized in advance of events.

Please join us if you can by either coming to one of our Saturday meetings, signing up on our Big Yellow Barn Volunteer Page, or by sending an email to Elizabeth@duvallarts.org.

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