Emergency Barn Update

Late Tuesday night the barn moved enough to be visibly shifting on the south wall.  Wednesday morning DFA started getting reports and pictures of the south wall which was buckled.  These quick reports were coming to us with pictures by way of social media.  Thank you to everyone who is keeping an eye on the barn!

We immediately called the contractor that has been consulting with us, regarding possible next steps.  Two jacks were placed inside the barn.  In addition DFA met with City Planners and City Engineers and fenced the driveway.  We met with the architect and reviewed the current options.  We have also met with other contractors to get additional options and we coordinated with the architect on selection of a structural engineer.  We are preparing to meet with all those that love the barn, care about the arts, and want a community performing arts center. There is just too much to be able to share it all here.  Please come to the Community Open House if at all possible.  We are going to be making some major decisions and we need your input.


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